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We are a lifestyle company that provides value to both the real estate professional and the consumer. This is a new model for the real estate industry. The combination of this and our partnership with Meredith Corporation and Better Homes and Gardens® magazine lets us provide lifestyle content and branding.The power of the Better Homes and Gardens® brand is astonishing. The brand touches 40 million people every month, including 1 in 6 adults, 1 in 5 homeowners and 1 in 4 women. Generations of people turn to the Better Homes and Gardens brand every day for the latest in design trends, recipes, outdoor style and information to help create a more rich and stylish life. Because of that, we are the only brand in real estate that is a relevant, meaningful part of consumers’ lives 365 days a year—not just when they are thinking of buying or selling a home.

Real estate professionals who are part of the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate network benefit from the universal awareness of the Better Homes and Gardens brand, and the consumer trust that comes along with it. We believe affiliation with this iconic brand can have a powerful, positive impact on your business. That impact is seen on all levels; from the refreshing, stylish and original approach to real estate transactions, to the lives people live in their homes.

This is important because with BHGRE®, affiliated real estate professionals have access to all of the lifestyle content created byBetter Homes and Gardens magazine. In a time when consumers are demanding lifestyle content, this gives just one more way for our real estate professionals to be competitive in the national and local marketplace.

Interestingly enough, a consumer shift has taken place. Buyers are no longer buying just a home, they are buying a lifestyle. Our company, along with our brand partner, have created tools that allow us to connect with changing consumers, so they will only want to work with us. This includes more high quality information like tips, articles, social media forums, videos—ways to empower the consumer and ways to empower our real estate professionals to speak to consumers in the way they expect to be spoken to.

And what’s unique about us—we are a brand who feels authentic to the consumer. Not only do we equip our affiliated real estate professionals with tons of lifestyle knowledge to have thoughtful conversations, but we are on their coffee tables every month of the year. Our company “means” home and community to millions of people. We are relevant before, during and after the transaction takes place. No one else in the industry can say that.

We use this unique relationship to build awareness, and drive leads back to our affiliated brokers and real estate professionals. Through this relationship, we are able to reach tens of millions of potential customers on television, online, through social media, direct mail and email every month.